/* */ The Williamson Clan

West Virginia



Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Laura M  Abt 1873West Virginia P469
2 Maud E  Abt 1896West Virginia P477
3 NAPIER, Allice E  Apr 1889West Virginia P461
4 NAPIER, Asa Allen  Jul 1889West Virginia P462
5 NAPIER, Ellan J  Mar 1886West Virginia P460
6 NAPIER, Foreman T  May 1898West Virginia P458
7 NAPIER, Foster D   P474
8 NAPIER, Lena M  Oct 1895West Virginia P459
9 STRADER, Annie J  Abt 1897West Virginia P467
10 STRADER, Celia Ann  Abt 1865West Virginia P450
11 STRADER, Martha A  Abt 1898West Virginia P466
12 STRADER, Mary E  Abt 1900West Virginia P465
13 STRADER, Mary Jane  Apr 1858West Virginia P452
14 STRADER, Nancy M.  Mar 1872West Virginia P447
15 STRADER, Roena M  Abt 1896West Virginia P468
16 STRADER, Walter M  Abt 1905West Virginia P464